Moshe Oren


Moshe Oren is an Israeli author, journalist, and editor. Oren was born in Kibbutz Mizra, Jezre'el Valley. His father, Mordechai Oren, the “Prisoner of Prague”, was one of the leaders of Mapam, the United Workers Party.

In the early 1970s he worked as a journalist in London, and in the 1980s he went to Hawaii with his family, where he worked as an emissary.

During the time he was engaged in publishing he initiated and edited Likhyot bekhol tnai (To Live and Survive), the first Hebrew survival guide for backpackers (1983). Oren was one of the first to hike the length of Israel, and his book Ish holech et eretz yisrael (A Man Walks the Land of Israel, 1994) was the first to describe this journey.

As head of the Ministry of Defense Commemoration Division he initiated, planned, and headed several of the large-scale memorial enterprises of the first decade of the millennium on Mt. Herzl, Jerusalem, including construction of Hashvil hamechber (The Linking Trail) between Yad Vashem and Mt. Herzl; construction of Gan Hane’edarim (Garden of the Missing) in memory of Israel’s fallen whose last resting place is unknown; and the Netzer Acharon (Last of Kin) memorial project.

Oren's book on the Yom Kippur War, Eretz Gzera (Land of Exile), appeared as a novel-in-installments in Haaretz website, from September 11th to October 4th, 2013. This project is a first of its kind in Israel's daily press since Oreach Nata Laloon by S.Y. Agnon in 1938. 

Moshe Oren
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