Touch Stones

עטיפה נגיעות

29 short and very personal stories in a book that embraces the whole world.

A young boy corresponds in rhyme with the Prime Minister in Jerusalem. A man walks across the land of Israel on the first journey from Dan in the north to the Gulf of Eilat in the south.The Garden of the Missing in Action on Mount Herzl, Jerusalem, is born in a volcanic crater in Hawaii.One-on-one against the greatest of them all at the national basketball arena in Tel Aviv.The road from Heaven to Hell on a journey to Nietzsche’s Tongue.The hero of the raid on Entebbe, Uganda, survives a sniper’s bullet in Karameh, across the Jordan River.A surprise meeting in Oslo with the skull from the Nazareth Hills.The greatest warrior in history prefers a man in his bed.A kayak in Kealakekua Bay on its way to a final farewell from Captain James Cook.A sleepwalker walks in front of his entire platoon’s gun barrels on a clear night in Egypt.The unbelievable story of the six women from Kfar Etzion, all Holocaust survivors, and their ironic bitter end in the German Monastery…Twenty-nine very personal stories, that together weave a big, panoramic picture of an entire life. A colorful, compelling, and surprising human journey encompassing a whole world.