Four Plays

Moshe Oren - plays

Heaven: 8 May 1943. The last day of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. In the bunker at 18 Miła Street, the battle is drawing to an end, and Mordechai Anielewicz, commander of the uprising, makes his way up to Heaven in Angel’s soft embrace. Waiting for him there are Alexander the Great and Captain James Cook, with a chair at the Table of Heroes…

Checkpoint: A woman driving home from the airport after dark finds herself in a completely different country. A soldier who comes home and shuts himself up in his room. A twelve-year-old girl who only wants to see the ocean. A woman in a psychologist’s office. A woman in a security services interview room. A waiter who’ll be happy to comfort you with a dessert… And all this leads to only one place. To the checkpoint.

Troy: The great city is under siege, the enemy is just outside the walls, and the war has been at an impasse for years. In the small hours Zeus’s eagle intercepts a carrier pigeon high above the metropolis, and flies to Mt. Olympus right away to deliver the letter to the Boss. Zeus, Ruler of the Gods, reads the letter and hears the alarm bells ringing. He summons Hermes, Messenger of the Gods, and instructs him to fly to the ill-fated city and find the solution to the riddle.

Wound: In the middle of the day, deep in enemy territory, Nir Spector’s world is shattered by a sniper’s bullet when his close friend is hit and falls at his side. Forty-five years later, the memory of that day still burns like an open wound, and the riddles that remain still need to be solved.