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Who Says You Can’t

Who Says You Can’t

“Using a thin red thread, Moshe Oren (who I like from his book Island) embroiders a sensitive story for us that actualizes the aphorism ‘threading an elephant through the eye of a needle…’ We won’t tell you how, so as not to spoil your enjoyment of this delightful book… The outcome is wonderful.”


“A funny, humorous, charming, imaginary story written in light, easy Hebrew that needs no translation for three-year-olds… A story filled with little details and nice people… Although it is a book for preschoolers, older children will love it too, including teens who appreciate a bit of imagination and humor.”

Al Hamishmar

Mommy said it’s very late and you can’t.

And Yotam said there’s no such thing as you can’t, but Daddy said actually there is. “You can’t thread an elephant through the eye of a needle,” he said.

Later, when he was alone, Yotam lay with his eyes open and thought for a very long time.

“It’s not true,” he finally said into the dark, “my elephant can do anything!