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“This is a beautiful story about the loneliness of a desolate mountain in a world where ‘there were already countless mountains… but there wasn’t even one Volcano. The beautiful illustrations by Ruth Zarfati have a strong presence in this heartwarming legend…”


“It’s not every day that a legend is invented. Moshe Oren has invented one that explains how a volcano is formed… I really enjoyed reading it and looking at the illustrations. Highly recommended!”


“An articulately and beautifully written poetic legend about a mountain and a tree and winds and flowers. The book is also beautiful due to the marvelous illustrations by Ruth Zarfati…”

Yedioth Ahronoth

This is the story of the very first volcano in the world, a modern legend that was born in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, in the remote Big Island of Hawaii, home to both the youngest and the most active volcano on planet Earth.

Moshe Oren spent a number of years with his family in the Hawaiian Islands. Two of his books for children, Island and Volcano, were conceived and written there.