The Linking Trail

השביל המחבר - פנים חדשות להר הרצל

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Mount Herzl, located west of Jerusalem, is the memorial sanctuary of an entire country. The Linking Trail was born on Mount Herzl, Israel’s national cemetery. It begins in Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Remembrance Center, and culminates at the mountain top, in the Great Leaders of the Nation Plot. A trail that is a bridge, both physical and symbolic, between holocaust and a nation’s rebirth.

This book, Hashvil Hamechaber (The Linking Trail), tells the story of a surprising idea, one of its kind, and the thrilling process it underwent from the moment of conception, until it became a living, breathing reality that changed the face of Mount Herzl.
During the first decade of the millennium, Moshe Oren initiated and led some of his country’s major and most original commemorative enterprises on Mount Herzl, Israel’s national cemetery, including Hashvil Hamechaber (The Linking Trail) between Yad Vashem and Mount Herzl, Gan Hane’edarim (Garden of the Missing) in memory of Israel’s MIA, the Netzer Acharon (Last of Kin) Memorial, and the annual Linking Trail Walk.