A Man Walks The Land

A Man Walks the Land of Israel

“This book, if you will, has come at exactly the right time… A man of my generation sets out to walk this land, from Dan to Eilat, and he is filled with love of the land… connection, memory, love. That’s the thing about this book, which carries a taste of earth, of a tent, of walking. A taste of life itself.”

Zman Tel Aviv

In 1993, Moshe Oren was the first to cross his country on foot, from Tel Dan in the north to the Gulf of Eilat in the south. Published a year later, Ish Holech Et Eretz Yisrael (A Man Walks the Land of Israel) was the first book to describe a journey of this kind. A lone man walks for eighteen days over more than 600 km on his own challenging trail.

A very personal journey strewn with legends, memories, and unexpected encounters. A deep and surprising incision, alternately painful and amusing, in the living flesh of the Land of Israel.

Moshe Oren is also the initiator and editor of Likhyot Bekhol Tnai (To Live and Survive, 1983), the first Hebrew-language survival guide for hikers and backpackers.