Ze’ev Ramon, Minister of Defense, in his late sixties
Kobi Elbaz, Aide to the Minister, in his thirties

Translated from the Hebrew by Anthony Berris and Margalit Rodgers

Dimona is a play for two actors and a car…

An Arab history teacher swears to avenge the death of his friend, a freedom fighter and leader of a terrorist cell in Nablus. He boards a bus in Jerusalem and forces it off the road and into a ravine on its way to Tel Aviv, causing the death and injury of dozens of innocent Jewish passengers.

At exactly the same time the Minister of Defense and his young aide are on a long drive to the city of Dimona in the far south, and what was supposed to be just another one of many such journeys (on behalf of the Minister’s party) turns into a long voyage to the hidden skeletons of the past and into the dark recesses of the soul.