Hermes, Messenger of the Gods
Chorus, Mask A / Mask B / Mask C / Mask D

Zeus, Ruler of the Gods
Athene, His daughter, Goddess of Wisdom

Hector (The Passenger), Troy’s national hero, now a ghost in the Underworld
Andromache, His widow
Hector Junior, Their only son
Aeneas, A retired general, the smartest man in the city
Priam, King of Troy
Agestes, Minister of Austerity
Syncopa, His wife
Crysanthema, His personal secretary
Esposito, Personal courier to the minister’s family
Cleon, The High Priest
Sapichess, Head of the General Security Services (GSS)
Sinositis, Minister of Tourism
Cassiopeia, An escort, an enemy “mole” in Troy
Cassandra, Daughter of Priam, wandering prophetess
Tarras, Keeper of the City Keys
Dr. Antilopus, Director of the City Zoo
Sabonis, A master carpenter
Archimedes, A sentry at the main checkpoint to the Ghaffir’s ghetto

Biankini, Chairman of the Supreme Ghaffir Council
Kacha, His young adjutant
Barezi, Commander of the Phalanges in the ghetto
Seniori, Head of the Builders Union
The Vialli Brothers, Little Vialli and Big Vialli, scrap merchants
Julietta, A young woman

Odysseus, A general, the cleverest man in the enemy’s army
Calchas, The blind seer

Helen, The most beautiful woman in the world
Charon, The Ferryman of the Underworld

Translated from the Hebrew by Anthony Berris and Margalit Rodgers

A theatrical celebration featuring gods, intrigues, and songs…

Troy is under siege. The city is fighting hunger, despair, and daily rocket fire, the enemy is just outside the walls, and the war has been at an impasse for years. In the small hours, Zeus’s eagle flies high above the metropolis and intercepts a carrier pigeon. It has to restrain its appetite for the time being – first things first, it has to fly to Mt. Olympus and deliver the letter to his Boss.

Zeus, Ruler of the Gods, reads the letter and hears the alarm bells ringing. He summons Hermes, Messenger of the Gods, and instructs him to fly right away to the city and find the solution to the riddle. And Hermes does not realize how little time he has, since the evil spirits of Troy have broken out of the closet, and are already on their way to the ghetto…