Memorials - Mount Herzl

Memorial for the Last of Kin

Conceived the idea for the Netzer Acharon project (the monument and the book), initiated the building of the monument on The Linking Trail, led the investigation to locate all Holocaust survivors defined as “Last of Kin,” editor-in-chief of the special Yizkor memorial book for the Last of Kin

The Netzer Acharon Memorial for the Last of Kin commemorates the young men and women, altogether about one hundred and fifty, who lost their entire family in the Holocaust. After experiencing the horrors of the Holocaust, whether in the ghettos and extermination camps, or fighting alongside the partisans, they immigrated to Palestine at the end of the war, joined the army, and fell in battle.

The Netzer Acharon Memorial, created by the sculptor Micha Ullman, was built in 2004 on the Linking Trail between Yad Vashem and Mount Herzl, between the memorial for the “illegal” immigrants to Palestine, and the Great Leaders of the Nation Plot. The monument is situated on a plateau overlooking Yad Vashem, and comprises two separate parts made from local stone. One part is “the house,” and the other is “the wall of names,” inscribed with the names of all the Last of Kin. Together, the two parts resemble an immigrant ship on her way from Europe to Palestine.